Thursday, November 05, 2009

Back to School Party - FMS Style!

With school back in full swing, it's time for the Annual Back to School Party hosted by Florida Moonshine!!  It's the time of year when brat students gather together for scholastic fun, educationally formed alliances, bratty brilliant banter, and to generally cause calculated trouble followed by those feeble brat students too weak to keep up with the rest.)

Last year was my first time attending this event which was fun beyond words.  Of course I would be modest if I didn't mention that I won the Gold medal for Spanking Musical Chairs!! (You did NOT win sis!!)

So off we go to Tampa FL for some spanking fun, back to school grammar tests and much more!!  I'm sure if you're planning to attend this Annual Back to School event, you'll be forewarned to stay clear of the brats walking the halls in their school girl uniforms.  Not even the teachers let alone Headmasters are safe!! Or so I hear.... (weg)

I'm hearing that a few brat students are already in rare form this time of year and with that being said...we'll just have to see how things turn out for those miscreants!! 

I, on the other hand, am being escorted by TGC who has said that he expects me to be blah blah blah blah blah... Yeah, that's exactly what I heard!!

At any rate...see some of you at the Back To School event...I'm excited to be spending time with my brat student friends even if that means that most of us will be spending most of the time OTK and loving every minute of it!!

Until I return...Welcome to Fall 2009!!

~maria fbg~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 Spanking Things about ME - The FBG Story

OK a long long LONG time ago, I did this fun entry on my blog where I listed 50 spanking things about me...but that was like 3 YEARS AGO!!  YIKES!! Time sure does fly when you're having spanking fun and adventures galore!!  At any rate, here is my newly updated spanking things about ME!!  Hope you enjoy it!!
1.My first spanking thoughts came to me when I was in elementary school. This being when the teacher was telling us a story of the three little pigs where the pigs get spanked in the end.

2.Addendum to 1. I would often ask all my girl friends in elementary school what their spankings were like when they got into trouble, asking them not to leave any details out!!

3.I was never spanked as a child.

4.My first adult spanking took place in the year 1989 with my then first boyfriend later fiancee.

5.My then boyfriend/fiancee would spank me every day after work before doing anything else just on general principles which always led to more intimate things.

6.My then boyfriend loved to exert his Toppyness by always reminding me that HE was the boss, however, I never seemed to listen to him which resulted in a spanking.

7.The first spanking book I bought was called "Sweet Dreams" which accounted the punishment spankings of five young girls under the care of a certain Englishman. I still have that book!!

8.The first spanking video I ever saw was by Shadow Lane, however, the title escapes me.

9.The best movie I saw that was based on a very popular submissive book I had read was the "Story of O". I think I kept that video for 2 weeks!!

10.When I saw 9 ½ weeks and then read the book, I was quite disappointed that Kim Basinger didn’t get spanked!!

11.The first spanking party I ever attended was in Southern California and after that I never stopped going to various spanking parties all over the state.

12.The first disciplinarian that met was the Doctor and I met Him online.

13.Addendum to 11. The Doctor and I used to meet about once a week in the beginning, however, He realized that I needed more guidance which led to meeting twice a week.

14.I tend to enjoy discipline spankings more than erotic spankings, however, I do enjoy them both just the same depending on the setting of course.
15.I enjoy being spanked OTK.

16.The first spanking implement I ever owned was given to me by the Doctor and it was a hairbrush.

17.Addendum to 16. The Doctor then proceeded to give me the following other implements: wooden paddle, leather strap, leather paddle, rubber OTK cane, riding crop, bull whip (shortened style), suede flogger, leather braided cat o’nine tails (various sizes), and a vipers tongue which I kept in a gym bag that he also gave me.

18.The Doctor used to make me keep a journal of all my offenses and then label the implement with which ever offense it was to be used for.

19.Addendum to 18. The Doctor used to make me memorize what the offense was prior to using the implement (which was hard when you had like 10 or more offenses on your list!)

20.I’ve been to 10+ Shadow Lane Parties over the last 10 years and next year will be my 11th party thus far!! YEAH!!

21.Some of my best girl friends also get spanked!! (imagine that!!)

22.I’ve traveled to Maryland, Vegas, Florida, Northern California, New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York for a spanking which is where I got my nick name of the Traveling Funny Brat Girl.

23.I have been taken out of a restaurant and spanked in the parking lot for throwing sugar packets at my brat friend.

24.I have been spanked and then plugged and made to stand on display as a punishment.

25.One thing that a Top/Dom can say that will really get to me is "Young Lady!"

26.Addendum to 25. However, if that is all that is said and nothing is done after that, it pretty much didn’t do anything to me. (action does speak louder than words!)

27.I love it when a Top scolds me!

28.I love it when a Top embarrasses me or adds a little bit of humiliation if He feels that He doesn’t have my attention.

29.I feel like I need more than one spanking a day.

30.I have been spanked for being late.(I can't get anywhere on time to save my life!)

31.I have been spanked for cussing or bad language.

32.I have been made to stand in the corner while my brat friend is getting spanked for something that I made her do. (hahaha!)

33.I have been spanked at a wedding!

34.I have been spanked to tears.

35.If I am role playing, I enjoy Top/bottom, Daddy/daughter (with the right daddy of course) Uncle/niece, Aunt/niece or Teacher/student scenarios the best. (usually whatever was discussed prior to the scene)

36.Because of my heritage, if being spanked with the belt, it usually triggers the ultimate in guilty feelings. (damn that belt!)

37.ALL of my closest vanilla friends (male and female) know of my fetish and/or proclivities.

38.I have been made to go to dinner without my panties as punishment BEFORE the actual punishment session.

39.I have been spanked in public while bent over the hood of a car while cars passed by.

40.I have been spanked in the shower or with a very wet bottom. (ouch!)

41.I have been known to take a very hard spanking and have no marks the next day to prove it. (however, I AM still sore...sheeesh!)

42.Some of the Tops that I’ve played with spank VERY hard!

43.I hate counting! (HATE it!)

44.Addendum to 43. I hate having to recite or memorize anything or calculate or do ANY kind of math equations during a spanking.

45.I have been on a ALL-SPANKING weekend for which it was VERY hard to sit on the way home.

46.I have a collection of over 50 books which have either spanking or anything related to the S&M scene.

47.I hate being pulled by my ear to get a spanking.

48.I LOVE to have marks that I had a good spanking the night before.

49.Addendum to 48. Marks are like reminders that someone has cared enough to set you on the straight and arrow. (Even if it doesn’t last!)

50.Being spanked for spanking sake always makes me happy. (Especially if its not MY idea!)

51.My entire family has 1st hand knowledge of my spanking fetish.

52.My father makes wooden paddles as part of my online paddle business

53.My father, grandfather, uncle and cousin have all attended a Shadow Lane party as part of supporting my paddle business.

54.I've been to a BDSM club for a spanking party.

55.I participated in a Dom/sub relationship for 3+ years under the supervision of the most AWESOME Dom EVER!

56.During my BDSM adventures, I've been set on fire!!

57.During my BDSM adventures, I enjoyed edge play with includes knife play!

58.I love the marks from knife play, especially around my nipples just as much as cane marks on my bottom!

59.Sometimes public humiliation before a spanking really gets my attention! EEK!

60.I do own quite a few school girl skirts for school spanking role plays.

61.I once got a brat friend spanked to tears for not singing a song on command...(can you imagine?)

62.Has taken part in a BDSM slave auction for charity where I was someone's property for the evening.

63.Has been spanked as part of a competition to see who could take the hardest spanking and WON!

64.Has been crowned the winner at spanking musical chairs over one of my best brat friends!

65.Had a personal trainer who was also a Domme...she was strict and awesome!!

66.Has been spanked by female tops and enjoy it!!

67.I enjoy being spanking and plugged at the same time...FUN!

68.All my spanking fantasies always involve anal play of some sort.

69.Being spanked and made to stand in the order is also another fantasy of mine.

70.Doesn't consider myself overly bratty but definitely mouthy when needed.

71.Doesn't care too much for overly bratty brats who will do ANYTHING for attention.

72.Is currently involved in a relationship with a Top who is also my significant other.

73.Is currently spanked on a daily basis just BECAUSE (what is wrong with this picture? LOL!)

74.Finds that the friends that I have in the spanking community are closer to me than some of my family. (UMM They ARE my family!!)

75.Can eroticize the pain during a spanking.

76.Can NOT eroticize the pain with my current Top AT ALL!!!

77.Enjoys reading various spanking blogs on the net on a daily basis.

78.Has a few female Tops that really awesome to play with (you know who you are...)

79.Has been a part of a spanking role play where there were up to 10+ people involved!! YIKES!!

80.As part of my BDSM play, I enjoyed bondage very much!

81.Also part of my BDSM play, I enjoy the viper gloves and wortenburg wheel even though they make me itchy!!

82.One of best part of the BDSM play that I enjoyed was the cleaning of the implements you time to gather your thoughts after a play scene.

83.It's sometimes hard to keep my mouth shut during a spanking, especially if the spanker is trying to tell me something that isn't true.

84.Wooden paddles aren't that bad especially after being properly warmed up.

85.Enjoys a proper warm up before a spanking.

86.Understands that if you're being punished, a warm up is not likely going to happen LOL!

87.LOVES being spanked before bed!

88.LOVES being spanked first thing in the morning as a wake-up call!! LOL!!

89.Loves hearing my best bratty friend getting spanked as a good morning wake-up call too LOL!!

90.HATES having a bed time!!! HATE HATE HATE IT!!

91.Believes that if you don't get in the spankees head, there is a chance that they won't feel connected during the spanking.

92.Wishes there was a specific vacation spot for all spankos to go for spanking fun, all throughout the year!!

93.Has STILL not been spanked by a certain Tall Texan (You know who you are too!!)

94.Has mixed feelings about the cane, but does enjoy it much more when warmed up.

95.Does not care too much for hairbrush as a spanking implement!! It DOES have other uses!!

96.Got spanked with a kitchen utensil (OK MANY kitchen utensils!!)

97.Thinks that getting spanked for REAL reasons is much better than getting spanked for fake reasons (unless you're at a play party or doing a role play)

98.Has fantasized about getting an enema before a spanking!!

99.Has the best spanking family in the WORLD!!

100.Wouldn't be surprised if some of the things on this blog get me spanked tonight when TGC gets home!! LOL!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Next Adventure Begins...

With the Shadow Lane party behind me, it was time to start focusing on my next BIG life's adventure.

After dating (including flying back and forth to the East Coast and such) TGC and I had decided to move in together! What this meant was that I would leave my home town of Whittier, California and move in with TGC on the East Coast! I know what you're can I even THINK of leaving the warm weather, sunny beaches and mostly my family to be with TGC on the cold, dreary East Coast??? Well after some thought and many conversations with TGC, I decided it was time for me to spread my wings and FLY!!

I have been working since I got out of high school and even though I never finished college due to family tragedies, I got to thinking about this being the best time to venture out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone mostly consisted of a job that I had been at for the past 7 years, majority of my family so close by that I could see them every day if I chose to. Not to forget my life long friends and church that I had attended since I was born and baptized. All in all, I basically lived my life with everything possible close to me and my heart....except love. Sure I had a love in my life previously, but he left me early on in my life. I always believed that God only gave you one chance at love and with my chance being here and then gone so quickly, I thought I was done. But in time, I realized that God doesn't work like that. So when I met TGC and we spent time getting to know each other, I was convinced that I was given a second chance!! How awesome is that?? If there is any advice I can give, Don't Settle...and hard as it is to do, I waited and low and behold, TGC and I met.

Things in life are never meant to be easy...take it from someone who knows...After my decision to move, those that are close to me started to surprise me with their actions and concerns. But what is life if you don't take a risk right?? I have faith that God knows where I need to be in this life and I'm confident that he won't give me anything that I can't handle. Besides that, I handled some really hard and crappy things in the past...harder than leaving my family and friends to be with the man that I love. But in my mind, I wasn't really leaving... If anyone knows me at all, I never forget those that have made a imprint on my heart. I always manage to find a way to let friends and family the like that I haven't forgotten about them. Call me sentimental or's just who I am I guess.

At any rate, I decided to move to the East Coast to be with TGC. I've been here now for about 3 weeks and I LOVE it!! I miss my family and friends and seriously miss church and the choir that I sang in for the past 3 plus years. But I am super excited about this new life's adventure. I'm excited to see where TGC and I go. I adore him and the way he loves and takes care of me.

So right about now, you're wondering WHERE did all the spanking fun go?? Oh it's here!! One thing about me and spanking is that it is never too far from my mind and now that TGC and I live together, I have to watch myself much more. Sure it was easy to brat the man from 3000 miles away but now that he comes home and we are together, I have to remember to be careful!! LOL!! If you know me, you know that I'm not THAT good at being careful. So you'll be happy to know that TGC sleeps with the ES (Expensive Strap) on the night stand!! How is that for love....

Our next adventure takes us to the "Back to School" party hosted by Florida Moonshine in November so check back for an update once we return.

Until then....Happy Halloween & Happy Spankings to you all!!

Post Shadowlane Report....Better Late Than NEVER

OK so the last few months I've neglected my blog...that is a shameful fact...but life changing things have happened to me and well I needed to step back and handle my life before I could come back and blog about it.

My last blog update had me on vacation with TGC. Shortly thereafter, He and I went to the Shadow Lane party in LV. What many don't know, is that TGC and I actually met at last years Shadow Lane Party. Thus this party would put us at our exact one year anniversary. Suffice it to say, I wish I could focus on nothing but spanking fun with friends and the such, but I was mainly focused on spending close time with TGC. Call me sentimental or what have you but I take my relationships very seriously. So although I didn't play with as many people as I have in the past, I still had a great time!

To begin with, TGC and I shared a suite with Uncle Smike and Aunt Miranda and Uncle Buzz as well as my bratty friend J. That was awesome!! We had the best time in that suite!! On Friday we all attended the Shadow Lane Vendor's Fair and Social Mixer together. I had decided to NOT vend this SL party so that I could spend time more quality time with TGC. However, that was sort of short lived as my J and Aunt Miranda decided to vend and promote the SSNY and PASS groups. So I was enlisted to help them promote the groups. One thing I might add, there definitely weren't many vendors this time around but it was still a good time. Ian the London Tanner was available to sell his wonderful leather goods and with his table being strategically located next to the SSNY/PASS table, that enabled us all to have a fun time together.

Later after the vending was through, we all headed up to the Presidential suite which was open for socializing (coincidentally it was hosted in honor of the SSNY/PASS and Florida Moonshine groups combined!) A special thanks to Tom for allowing this to take place!

After a night of spanking fun and socializing, the SSNY/PASS family headed back to our suite for family fun...which I have to say is always my favorite time. Even if Uncle Smike spanks me for meaningless reasons, I enjoyed the fun!

Saturday morning we all got up and hustled to get our suite ready for a special afternoon SSNY/PASS suite party. Aunt Miranda and J decorated and put out the goodies as we all made sure to clean up the place. And slowly but surely everyone made their way to our suite and let me tell you...the room was PACKED!! Off in one room, Aunt Miranda and Uncle Smike were doing demonstrations of the family strap which was a BIG HIT!! YIKES!! I remember my first encounter of the family strap...again might I add YIKES!! All in all, everyone had great spanking fun!! M from CA spanked me in our room with TGC supervising and shouting out reasons to spank me harder...I think there should be a law against that kind of stuff!! LOL!!

As the suite party wound down, we all began to get ready for the dinner/dance. We all looked so awesome!! I loved seeing us all dressed up and fancy!! Mexican food was on the menu this time which was a nice change. And it wasn't too bad either (however, I have been told that I am biased when it comes to anything Mexican LOL!) It was fun to see everyone dance and have a GREAT time before we all retired up to the Presidential suite for spanking fun!! TGC and I made our way to casino for some gambling fun where I WON!! YAY!! We were so excited that we had to go up and tell...well EVERYONE!! LOL!!

Sunday was our last day at the Sun Coast Hotel and that brought our Shadow Lane party to a close. In retrospect, I found myself not as interested in playing with multiple people as I have in the past. Partly because I saw this trip as a chance to spend time with my suite mates and of course TGC. I saw this trip as a chance for TGC and I to celebrate our one year anniversary of being together. So with that being said, TGC and I checked out of the Sun Coast Hotel and headed to the MGM Grand. We also had concert tickets that night to see Santana at the Hard Rock!! It was great to share Santana with TGC!! I grew up listening to most of Santana's music so it was awesome for me to see him live in concert!! We had a great time!!

All in all, over all our Shadow Lane trip was GREAT!! We spent time with our friends and with each other!! But other things were on the horizon for TGC and I and as Shadow Lane passed, I got ready for the next big adventure in my life....moving in with TGC!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Jersey Shore and MORE!!

I recently had the opportunity to take a week long vacation out to NJ where I was able to visit the home of TGC and hang with my friend J. As it turns out, she and I were able to get into PLENTY of trouble while be unsupervised which is always fun right??

First things first, Upon my arrival, TGC picked me up and we headed to NJ to get ready for a family dinner. Now this wasn't just ANY family dinner for TGC, this was "meet my mom" and other very significant and important family members kind of dinner...which I think I did pretty well. I did get a lot of "wow, you sure are brave" comments, so that must be a good sign right? All in all, I loved meeting them all and hope to see them again very soon! The dinner was beyond nice and it was so nice to meet TGC's sister, brother-in-law and his wonderful nieces. I can see why he is so close to them!

After the dinner, TGC and I went home to rest and relax as we had plans to visit friends in Point Pleasant NJ the next day. I have to say this...the beach is definitely different on the East Coast. Well and so is the weather climate, but regardless of the fact that things are different, it's always nice to embrace change right? I love every bit of Point Pleasant !! We had a wonderful meal made by JJ and ate so much!! After dinner, we HAD to walk it off somehow so our host recommended that we walk the boards in Point Pleasant !! It was great fun!! My favorite part? Trying to win a frog!! Not to give TGC a bad reputation, but he could get some better aim!! Maybe he needs to practice for the next time we go out there!! I wanted one of those stuffed frogs SO bad!! LOL!!

My plan for the week was to hang with my brat buddy J and clean up TGC's house!! What this meant was to clean out (translation = throw away) anything that I felt was not needed (translation: clutter! LOL!) The bottom line was that we were about to transform TGC's home from a single bachelor's home to an actual "home". Now here is the catch...TGC was NOT going to be there when we made all these changes!! CAN YOU IMAGINE??? Now, I know what you all are thinking out there...WHAT WAS TGC THINKING?? LOL!! Well I think he was thinking and hoping that he'd come home to something "wonderful" and "special" which in my opinion is EXACTLY what happened!! But I get ahead of myself...:)

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant as to where to begin. J knew what she had to do, but where was I going to start?? In my mind, I had five areas to, bedroom, bathroom, closets and dining room. So naturally I started with the downstairs closets. OMG shoes!!! I thought I was bad until I saw his shoe collection!! Once I got a handle on the shoe situation, the closet came out pretty nice...the next closet...BAGS!! OMG!! Who has this many travel bags? LOL!! But I managed to get them organized and when I was done, it was looking pretty good. J was pretty surprised and laughed so much at me as I complained as to WHY TGC had so many PENS!! (makes a mental note to get post-it notes to put up ALL over TGC's place that reads..."why so many pens!!")

After that cleaning spree...I needed a chocolate break!! J concurred and we decided to head out to the local "WA-WA" for some treats... but OMG...did we not get lost?? IN THE DARK!?!? LOL!! Yes we did and we laughed so hard!! Hurry get the GPS out...LOL!! Alas, I got my barrings and realized where we needed to go and laughed again at how close it actually was and how off we were LOL!! Just a preview of things to come my friends...double trouble at its finest!!

Being done for the night...we headed to sleep and noted that the next day I would tackle the bedroom/bathroom and that meant only one thing: THE MALL!!! Yes, be very afraid!! LOL!!

Once at the mall, we walked to every department store...I was in search for something nice for the bed. Something that TGC would like and that I liked as well. Something neutral for the both of us...and I found the perfect ensemble!! Next it was on to Wal-mart for towels and bathroom stuff. I was on a decorating ROLL!! All in all, I think it came out pretty that point I couldn't wait for TGC to see all the changes...but I still had work to do. The bathroom (equipped with a jacuzzi tub) had freshly hung art and a battery operated clock along with candles. I was able to locate some very nice decorative towels which offset the bathroom nicely. YAY!! The decor and the bedroom arrangement complimented each other very well!!

The next day...(more like morning as I was making coffee) I decided to make the kitchen my next project. Now you need to get a mental picture of this in your minds eye....Each cabinet had a plethora of tupperware containers!! It was like the tupperware container capital of NJ!!! I yelled for J to come and see...and we both sat on the floor laughing...there was just so much of it...(most of it from take out, but still) OMG!! He had plenty and I made the executive decision to get rid of most of it. He just doesn't need that much food storage stuff...right?? LOL!! Little by little, each cabinet got taken apart...things got thrown out and finally there was some sort of organization. Seasoning and spices were in their rightful place and at that moment...I felt like peace had settled in the kitchen LOL!!

The living room got a minor overhall with bookshelves being banned to the garage and the dining room got its own style of cleaning not to mention the bar. When all was said and done...I thought the place looked pretty great. The final test would be what TGC thought when he got home....and to my surprise...HE LOVED everything that was done...with the exception of ONELOL!! Only one thing you need to know about them...DON'T use them!! LOL!!

The rest of the weekend we spent with friends in PA relaxing and enjoying poolside fun. We BBQ'd and laughed and of course played!! My favorite part? Getting spanked in the pool!! All in all, we all had a great time and my week long vacation came to an end. It's going to be interesting the next couple of months but I'm excited to get get started in a new adventure...

Until then....

~maria fbg~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

SSNY Summer Spanking Spectactular!

New York in the summer is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, especially when you have a fantastic summer event like the SSNY Summer Spanking Spectacular to attend!

I made my way out to the party a day earlier so I could spend some time with TGC in NJ. It's nice to have some down time before the spanking fun begins...however, that wasn't exactly the case. Turns out that TGC wanted to get some caning time in WHAT?!?! EEK!! Well, turns out that my bottom was the prime target for that. Funny how that kinda fell right into place..*smirk*

At any rate, TGC and I relaxed and had fun in NJ....went to dinner and a movie and enjoyed the nice summer day/night.

The next morning TGC and I made our way to NYC for the party. We got a nice room at Le Parker which was looking right over Central Park!! AWESOME!! It was a beautiful view coupled with outstanding weather...who could ask for more?? Since the party wasn't scheduled until later that evening, TGC and I decided to take a little stroll down 5Th Avenue!! OMG can you imagine?? I'm not really a shopper at heart (not like some of my other brat friends) but WOW talk about a shoppers dream come true!!

My favorite part of the stroll was coming across a couple of Catholic Churches...I loved St. Thomas Church and more notably St. Patrick's Cathedral. WOW!! I asked TGC to come in and take a look at all the beautiful artistry such as stained glass windows and saints galore!! Made me proud to be a Catholic!! LOL!!

After our nice walk about in the city, TGC and I headed back to our room to get ready for the spank fest!! I was excited to see some of my city friends and have fun!! TGC made sure to give me a few bonus swats before we left. I'm not sure what they were for because strangely enough, I don't always pay attention when I'm in party mode!! LOL!!

After a quick cab ride, we arrived at our spanking destination for the party!! And just as I suspected...the party was already in full swing!! Loud spanks and "owwwww's" were heard loud and clear and I knew I was in the right place!!

I usually plan my party night by the first person I play with and this night, I was approached by a new man. At least he was new to this party. He was older but very nice and so I went off to play with him.

The play was very interesting to say the least. Usually for first time party players they go kinda easy on you because of two important factors...1) they don't know you and what your limits are 2) they want the opportunity to play again and if they mess up the first time they will NOT get that opportunity again!

So I made sure to note that he was considerate from the start...he asked if I liked it hard or soft and then followed that question up with if I'd like the spanking to be more along the lines of discipline or sensual. Sensual? REALLY?? At a party?? RED FLAG!!!

However, I've been to parties before, I know how to handle myself if I feel that things are not going well. I suggest discipline and off we go. He places me OTK and usually I find that newer males to these parties like to spank over the skirt just because 1) they don't know you that well so they want to make sure that they display a level of respect for you and 2) because they want build up the excitement level during the play session. Totally makes sense right?? WRONG!! Not with this guy...he goes straight for skirt up and panties down. Now mind you...if I was a new girl, this would be a little too fast for my taste and another red flag. However, like I previously stated...I can handle myself so I let him continue with the spanking. Which for the most part, was decent. Until he started to spank my thighs!! THIGHS REALLY??

I could see if he had discussed this with me prior to doing it, but of course, he did not!! Now, I have been spanked many times on my thighs by people who KNOW me and know what I can take and so forth. But what did this guy know about me?? Other than, it probably hurt his hand like hell to spank my ass right?? LOL!! All in all, I made sure to let him know that I wasn't sure that spanking me on the thighs was the way to go here. I made sure to make eye contact when I said that. I didn't want to send any mixed signals here. He needed to be clear what I was saying and he was. The spanking ended shortly thereafter and he scurried off to find his next victim. I managed to monitor him the rest of the night and noticed a few other red flag issues that I brought up to the SSNY board members. At any rate, the guy could be harmless with a seasoned player but with a new girl...he could be traumatizing and I don't want that for any new girl at these parties.

After that spanking episode I made it my nights mission to play with all new male tops at the party. Not to be the spanking police or anything like that but to experience other new male tops at the party. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the players there. Almost all of the men I played with were considerate and fun! And I appreciate that very much!! Next opportunity I get to play with them we can take it to the next level and have more fun!!

As the night slowly came to a close, a summer rain storm made it's way over NYC. Talk about having fun catching a cab!! LOL!! But we made it back to our hotel a little wet but satisfied from the spanking fun.

TGC made sure to spank me before we drifted into dreamland and noticed a few nicely placed bruises on my bottom. I love when I have lasting memories from a fun weekend!!

Sunday we headed to Brooklyn to say good bye to my spanking friends before I headed back to LA. It's always nice to see them but getting harder and harder to leave them!! Ian the London Tanner expressed to the group that he hadn't spanked me at all and with that I was OTK getting his iron hand on my already bruised bottom!! Spankings never stop for a bruised bottom do they?? LOL!! Don't worry everyone, I was a very happy and sore girl!! YAY!!

With the exception of missing my plane ride home, this was another fun and exciting weekend of spanking fun!!

Next on the spanking agenda? Shadow Lane Party - Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas...

Will you be going??

~maria fbg~

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Time IS Flying By...FMS Report

Funny thing about always gets away from me and the next thing I know, I'm getting spanked for not updating my blog regularly!! EEK! So I owe my biggest fan an update or I'm told that the spanking generator does NOT fare kindly on repeat offenses YIKES!!

This means I have start back with the Florida Moonshine Party which I attended back on June 5-8 on the beach in Tampa Bay, FL. Talk about a great event!! I arrived on June 5th at 5:30 am and TGC picked me up and we made our way to the hotel to get some rest prior to party fun. It was great to finally be at the beach with my spanko friends alike. This time SM and ME were joining in on the beach spanking fun which I was excited for in itself!!

After my rest I connected with J and C in their room and chatted about our evening plans. Up for that evening was the vendor's faire which I was vending. So I knew that I had to be there early to set up and then I would meet up with them there.

On a side note, prior to this weekend, a group of us had concocted the mother of all role plays which was to play out on Saturday!! It was a total of FOUR families and if that's not enough, I don't know what is!! Of course you can thank yours truly and my cousin J for thinking of how the whole thing started. I just love my cousin to death!! *weg* Anyway, this is the role play in its entirety.


S and D are sisters, their parents are related to Uncle S...their parents are squeamish about CP and are also in Europe on vacation but in reality they are researching boarding schools for their naughty daughters...

I and A are sisters and their daddy is FL M who is the bartender and Aunt M's brother.

TGC is Maria's daddy (who LOVES oodles of cousins, like in REAL life)

Uncle S and TGC are brothers...

Uncle S is married to Aunt M and J is Uncle S and Aunt M's daughter....

which makes ALL the girls cousins...YAY!



After school one day ....Maria invited all the girls back to her house because her Daddy was working late. The day before maria dared her cousin J to steal some of her mommy's pot and give it to cousin I. I (being a culinary artist) claimed to make the BEST pot brownies ever. J stole the pot and all the girls ate them on the walk home.

Maria, J, D, I, and A passed I and A's daddy's bar(Uncle FL M). I and A had the brilliant idea to take the girls into the bar. They pretended to use the restroom when really they wanted to score some liquor.

While in the bar J and maria played Ms. PAC Man, I used the restroom, and A snatched some Rum. D started flirting with the bartender...who was I and A's dad FL M. S was seated at a nearby table sucking face with her new boyfriend who is also D's EX boyfriend.

I came running out of the restroom all goofy and laughing at herself...she grabbed J, maria and A and took them back in to the bathroom to see her handiwork
(EEK!) She wrote horrible things about her Aunt M on the wall with maria's pastel markers...(the ones she let D borrow that I stole...knowing that the markers would be traced back to D who was a total ho by flirting with I's dad.

MEANWHILE, D was pissed that S was sucking face with her ex. He was touching S and groping her and she was all giggly. Maria turned to J and yelled, "that's gross!" Just then D lunged on S and wrestled her to the floor messing up her pretty make up and hair. J and Maria started video taping it with Maria's cell phone hoping to sell it to girls gone wild.

So - just to recap - J stole pot, I made pot brownies, all the girls got stoned, they snuck into a bar, A stole Rum, I wro
te bad things about Aunt M, D was a ho, S sucked face, D and S got into a fight and Maria and J sold the tape to "Girls gone Wild" but are too young to understand what they did wrong.

After the fight - all the
girls got the munchies and went to the grocery store to get some snacks. D and S made up and they all went to Maria's house to watch her Maria's Daddy's stash of porn.

This was turning out to be a circus, but all parties were extra excited to participate!!

Back to the Vendor's Faire on Friday just about 6pm people started to shuffle into the hall to see what was being sold. I was there representing Whackme Paddles with all my paddle wares. Of course I couldn't get anyone to volunteer to be my demo dolly so I had to do double duty that night! During the vendor's faire they served appetizers for everyone which went rather quickly I might add! I guess people were quite famished from all the spankings that took place prior to the vendor's event...who knows?!

During the vendor's faire they did the ice breaker game which was a spanking scavenger hunt. This time each person needed to find a spanker or spankee in all of the states. Can you imagine? Talk about that being a hard feat to complete!! At any rate, that set the game in motion. Each person had to find a person from their home state (some people did live in multiple states throughout their was your job to obtain that information after all) and if you successfully got them to sign your sheet, then they got or gave 5-10 swats depending on your position (Top or bottom). Seems pretty harmless right?? How about after you've been playing for quite a maybe 2 hours!! LOL!! Yes it was fun to watch as spankers and spankees hustled around trying to complete their lists.

Once the vendor's faire was completed, the penthouse suites were opened up for socializing and more playing fun. Here everyone fluttered from room to room as the suites filled with spanking sounds all around. At midnight they brought in pizza for those spankers who were beyond hungry with play. At the close of night one, everyone seemed to be happy and to have had great did I and TGC...we enjoyed hanging out with friends and having fun.

The next morning all the girls at the FMS academy had to be in class promptly at 10am sharp!! In full uniform I might add...YIKES!! I got my outfit on and was escorted to class by TGC who was kind enough to give me a note...isn't that awesome?? I love how he looks out for me. Of course we all get to class only to find out the Headmaster's are LATE!! UGH!! Some example they set for us wonder we're so out of control in class!! And that is absolutely NO LIE!! WE were crazy in class that morning...girls came to class not dressed in uniform...some girls were chewing gum which is totally prohibited...some girls were NOT wearing regulation was a total disgrace to the academy but awesome at the same time!! Our lesson plan for the day involved geography...who studies geography these're just lucky we know where we live in these days and times...SHEESH!! Of course not to mention that we needed to review our report cards as well. It's a good thing I did exceptionally well in my report card so I was not worried...but to see and hear some of the other girl's report cards were outrageous!!! LOL!! All in all, we had a fun time and heard similar reports from the Mistress Gala which took place at the same time. I heard that M.E. was a hit with all those naughty boys!! YAY!!

Later that afternoon, our family role play was planned. I was excited to finally see my naughty cousins get their just desserts!! Some of them were just totally out of control with their lying and such!! I told TGC that he better make sure punish my cousins for corrupting me!! All in all we had a great time...all of us girls were spanked and paddled by our uncles and one awesome Aunt M for all our misdeeds and all was right with the world again!! YAY!! (see role play description above for how it was to play out).

That evening we all gathered together for dinner and spanking trivia!! This is always a lot of fun, as we all get together and relax, enjoy good food and company. Then couples square against each other in competition during spanking trivia. It was funny to watch everyone try and guess the answers as the couples were quickly eliminated one by one. In the end Richard Windsor and his partner Emily were the winners! The food was excellent and after trivia was over, people started to file up to the penthouse suites for more spanking fun. I heard people were playing in to the wee hours of the morning as most guests were heading back home the next day.

Sunday morning Corporal Punishment court was in session!! Judge Strict Dave was presiding over all cases that were submitted and the docket was FULL!! YIKES!! So many funny cases were brought up especially the one against Ian the London Tanner!! It was funny to watch his expression as he was called before the looked like familiar setting for him...with guilt written all over his face!! LOL! All in all the judge went easy on him and he got off!! The nerve!! Case after case were presented and I must say, I was quite impressed by the defendants this time!! They were quite prepared!! It was fun watching the losing parties get spanked as their punishment as well.

That concluded the FMS Beach Party!! TGC and I stayed an extra night with a few other party goers who didn't want the fun on the beach to end. TGC and I made our way out to the water for some ocean fun and then back in the Jacuzzi for a nice relaxing evening. It was a great weekend get away for us and we had a great time!!

Up next? SSNY Summer Spectacular - July 10-12 in NYC!! Hope you can make it!!

Until next time everyone,...

~maria fbg~

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Can you "FEEL" IT?

That's the excitement in the air!!! Tomorrow I head out to the annual Florida Moonshine Party in Tampa, FL!! You KNOW I'm excited if I'm writing this right now when I should be in bed. But I can't sleep. I'm TOO excited!! That and my arms are aching from working out...what else is new??

At any rate, the party is shaping up to be a fun time. If you haven't already sent in your application and been approved, then you'll more than likely be missing this party. You'll have to wait until next year's party. And may I say in advance, I'm SORRY you'll be missing out on all the spanking fun at the beach.

Friday night is the Vendor's Faire and Opening reception. Followed by the Spanking Scavenger Hunt and Ice Breaker. Later around midnight they bring the party patrons pizza because spanking makes you hungry right?? LOL!!

Saturday they have the FMS Academy for Naughty Girls class session as well as the Governesses' Gala which is will be fun for all!! Later that evening is the dinner and magic show with Magic Steve. Quickly followed by Spanking Trivia (where I hear Rad & Sandy are apparently going DOWN!) We'll just have to see about that!

Sunday the weekend concludes with Spanking Court for those who are brought up on charges during the weekend. I'll be sure to be charged with something or another!! *weg*

So my bags are semi packed and just one more day of work and I'll be off to enjoy the sounds of spanking and waves crashing on the beach.

Until then....see you at the beach!! Or when I get back!!

~maria fbg~